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18 September 2006 @ 11:53 pm
Yohoho and a bottle of dirt, or something...  


Name: Amanda Humfleet
Age: 19
Location: Chicago, IL
Nicknames, or what you prefer to be called: on LJ it's Muse, elsewhere on the internet it's Kat. I don't care, really. XP

About You

Three positive adjectives about yourself: Smart, friendly, generous (er... this could be negative too?)

Three negative adjectives about yourself: Abset-minded, eccentric (that positive or negative?), lazy

A few of your likes: Movies, cats, the beach, rock and metal music, like Nightwish, Iced Earth, Kiss, No Doubt, Sonata Arctica... I love music that tells a story. I like all music, really. i just depends on my mood at the time. I also love food. Which is great, because I'm an awesome cook, and I love to eat. I love making my homemade fried rice. It's simply orgasmic, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. =D I also love cooking for my friends. I love my pets. They're like my babies. (Just got a kitten, and we named him after Sid Vicious ^^) I really love science magazines, too. I read Psychology Today and Discover Magazine religiously. And I also really like my job, since it's at the Discovery Channel Store.

A few of your dislikes: My messiness. My room is such a mess. Being poor. I HATE it. I also really don't like my conscience. I could have stolen so much stuff over the years, but I just feel so bad about it that i just wouldn't be able to stand the guilt. ;-; It's to the point where I feel guilty about the strangest things. I always have to ask before I do something. I'm terrible at taking liberties now.

A few of your pet peeves: People who don't know when to just shut the HELL up. Seriously, some people just don't know when it's more appropriate to just keep their traps shut. I also really don't like rich people. Well, they're not all bad, but the ones who rub it in your face, or just blow all their money on pointless shit is just really frustrating. Maybe I'm just jealous of them, though. Damn rich people who can afford a car in Hawaii. It's really hard to think of things that annoy me, because I don't really think about it. I'm the kind of person to snap on something, then be fine a few minutes later.

A few of your talents and hobbies (please differentiate between the two): Well, I'm a very talented artist, writer, and poet, but I don't really consider those hobbies, because I typically do them just to show off my skills at them. And then I get depressed because I really should be gettign rich off my art as a career, but I'm way too lazy to ever do something like that. Hobbies? I really like to think, so I consider that a hobby. I just think about all the stuff I'd like to do, planning what's going on, stuff like that.

Where do you see yourself in ten years (include things like the job you’d like to have, where you’d like to live, if you are married or not, etc): Hopefully I'll be married, but realistically, I have just about no luck romantically. I meet people, but they're never interested in me that way, and I end up as just the friend in the group of couples, and it's really a bit depressing. Oh well.

Job-wise, hopefully i'll be a free-lance artist doing comissions, or maybe illustrations for magazines, and also working in a reasearch lab after earning my Masters in research Psychology. I love Psychology.

If I DO get married, I'll probably have at least one baby by then, and he'll be damn sexy, because he'll look just like his parents.I also want at least one cat, and a dog, too. I'm really the kind of girl who, while enjoying the spontaniety of stuff, would really like a family, eventually. If only because I never had one, and I wanna give my kids what I never had.

Where I'd like to live? Almost forgot that question. Hmm... Preferably California, but as long as there's a nice, clear beach with blue skies, I really don't care. I love the water, and I really want a house where I can just look out the window and see the blue horizon. 'Tis a beautiful thing. :)

Your motto on life, or how you like to live it: Just live it up to the best of your abilities. It really doesn't matter what other people think of you, because it's not their life, it's yours. do what'll make YOU happy. If other people happen to like it, then hey, enjoy the profits. =D (I need to work on living by that belief, though. God, I suck)

Your three favorite books and why they’re your favorites: Wicked- The main characters Elphaba and Galinda are really well fleshed out, and Macguire did a completely fabulous job at creating complete characters and backstories for two relatively minor characters in The Wizard of Oz. anyone who says the musical is better is just a pussy who can't stand a bit of realism in their fantasy.

Like Water for Chocolate- I had to read it for school, but it was completely fabulous. It's a love story between the youngest daughter of a mexican family, and a man she loves, but she can't marry him because of family tradition. Although it's a love story, it's filled with so much surrealistic fantasy, that it's turned into a simply amazing work of fiction. (And the included recipes arent' half bad either)

In the Forests of the Night- Although I love all of the books by Atwater-Rhodes, I pick this one as my favourite, despite the relatively crappy writing style. Why? Because it got me into her books. She wrote it when she was only 13 years old, and for me, that's really awesome. :) I would love to be able to do something with my life like what she did. She's such an amazing author, and she's only a year or two older than I am.

Your three favorite movies and why they’re your favorites: Sin City- It's like sex in my corneas and only the hawt people are invited. Seriously. Pure visual orgasm.

Spinal Tap- I want an amp that goes to 11! But seriously, one of the best spoof documentaries I've ever seen. Nevermind. It's THE best. A great and amusing take on the rock music industry, and incredibly well put-together.

...I'm really not a movie person, so I can't honestly list 3. ._. I love movies, but I so rarely watch them.

Where do you feel most at home? In my room? Really, I'm not sure how to answer this question. I'm so used to traveling, since I've done it all my life that "home" is more defined by "where my friends are"? I can't really give much more of an answer to that.

Pirates Related

Why do you like Pirates of the Caribbean?: It's well-written. Jack is one of Depp's best characters, and I'm glad he was the one to play the part. No one else could have done it. It's also the first pirate movie that's really been DONE in ages. It was about time. It managed to pull off a serious plot while still retaining some very priceless momemts.

Who’s your favorite character and why? (This does not mean who you feel you’re most like): I like Elizabeth. I'm not really sure why, because really there's not much 'why' behind the things I think or like. I just do, and don't put much thought into it. I guess it's because I have a thing for pretty girls in corsets and classical dresses. Maaan, the Victorian age really needs to have a come-back.

Who do you feel you are least like in Pirates and why? Barbosa. Man, he's ugly. Seriously, going just by looks, I HOPE I don't ever get that ugly. Personality-wise, though, mutiny or betrayal is a terrible thing, and I'd never be able to stand doing something like that. I'd be the one standing there saying "Dude, why can't we just talk about this first?" I'm waaaay too nice.

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Where did you hear about this community?: hikaruuchiha
Post at least 3 clear photos of yourself (if you have no pictures, just describe what you look like):
Sorry if they're a bit big, I'm too lazy to resize. And I think the vodka's kicking in too.
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...sure. Why not?
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Current Mood: drunk
ELEPHANTE HUEVOS SON MUY GRANDES!!!!!: England <3jdgrl47 on October 2nd, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Your adjectives tell me Ragetti. But your wit, temper, and general vibe are saying Gillette. And your apprication for the finer looking things in life make me want to say Scarlet.